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ASMO Catering Malaysia SDN. BHD operates this web site.
Please accept the following matters when you use this website.
Our company may change the terms and conditions for the use of this web site. In the case of change, we show the revised version of this document, so please confirm the latest contents.


All of the content on our website, copyright and other rights related to work (documents, materials, etc.) are the property of our company and information provider.
These contents and copyrighted materials are protected by the copyright law of Japan , treaty and copyright laws of other countries, and they can not be used beyond the scope of private use.
In addition, without permission of the right holder, the modification, duplicate, rent, rent, sell, publish, transmit, broadcast, and etc., the third party is strictly prohibited be subjected to the use them regardless of method.
However, if you are given the individual terms and conditions for individual work, these conditions will have the priority.


1.Our company reviews and confirm enough when we post information on this web site. However, we do not provide any guarantee for its accuracy, usability, reliability, safety, fitness for particular purpose.
We are not responsible for any damage occurred by using of content, and etc.
2.Our company sometime changes or discontinues the configuration of the web site, use conditions, the URL and content, etc., without prior notice. Our company may suspend or discontinue the operation of the web site without prior notice.
Regardless of the reason, our company is not responsible for any damage caused by the interruption or discontinuation of these changes and the operation of this web site.
3.The third-party website other than the our company (hereinafter called as “Linked Sites”), which stretches a link to this web site, or gets link from this web site is managed by each company with its responsibility. It is not under our company’s control.
It does not imply that a special relationship, such as a partnership, exists between our company and the link site. We are not responsible for any damages caused by their use and the content of the link site.

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